Morning Business Report

Free taco for stolen base = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1477048002914").setup({width: "100%", height: "100%", pl_length: 5, profile_id: "19d33170-4fff-0133-8f45-7a163e5e80da", vid: "6618390"}) British American tobacco said it has made an unsolicited $47 billion takeover...

Cars on the road with no driver cm = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1476965093529").setup({width: "100%", height: "100%", pl_length: 5, profile_id: "19d33170-4fff-0133-8f45-7a163e5e80da", vid: "6616614"}) Wall Street didn’t hear much new from the presidential candidates about the...

Designers give Delta Air Lines a new look cm = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1476875785698").setup({width: "100%", height: "100%", pl_length: 5, profile_id: "19d33170-4fff-0133-8f45-7a163e5e80da", vid: "6614598"}) Delta is going purple with its new uniforms. Fashion designer Zac Posen is...

Netflix massive boost in subscriptions cm = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1476789518238").setup({width: "100%", height: "100%", pl_length: 5, plid: 34533, profile_id: "19d33170-4fff-0133-8f45-7a163e5e80da", vid: "6612631"}) There must have been a lot of binge watching going...

Large car company is holding back its new unveiling cm = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1476703136442").setup({width: "100%", height: "100%", pl_length: 5, plid: 34533, profile_id: "19d33170-4fff-0133-8f45-7a163e5e80da", vid: "6610786"}) Tesla has postponed the unveiling a new product today, something...

Some businesses plan to close Thanksgiving

Some retail locations and malls will close on Thanksgiving Day this year.

Wells Fargo leader steps down

Wells Fargo chairman and chief executive John Stumpf is stepping down from both roles, effectively immediately.

Amazon plans to open small storefronts

Amazon plans to open storefronts to compete with Kroger, other food retailers.

Chrysler targets kids to influence sales

Chrysler targets kids through media to influence their parents' auto purchase.

Damages from Matthew could rival Katrina

Analysts predict that the cost of damages from Matthew could be very high.

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