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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Morning Business Report

Damages from Matthew could rival Katrina

Analysts predict that the cost of damages from Matthew could be very high.

Warren Buffet loses billions

Warren Buffet's investments in Wells Fargo cost him billions.

ATM fees at 10 year high

ATM fees are at a ten year high right now.

Google’s October event arrives

Google's latest technology event hypes new products, including the Pixel smartphone.

Bass Pro Shops interested in buying Cabela’s

Bass Pro Shops wants to purchase outdoor company Cabela's as soon as today.

Medical startup targets savings

A new medical startup company thinks it can save users money by reviewing bills and charges.

Gas prices may rise

Gas prices may rise after OPEC announces production decrease.

Wells Fargo CEO dealing with claw back

Wells Fargo's CEO is losing pay in a claw back based on the bank's falsified account troubles.

Stocks affected by last night’s debate

Stocks are fluctuating as money managers wait for a definitive political victory.

McDonald’s testing new breakfast Happy Meal

McDonald's tests the first major change to Happy Meals in 30 years.

Senators slamming Wells Fargo

Senators continue investigation into Wells Fargo's business practices.

Mylan Pharmaceuticals CEO defends Epipen costs

The CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals will be in Washington talking about the rising costs of Epipens.