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Citations jump in 1st year of Georgia cellphone driving law

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) - Citations for distracted driving have jumped in the past year since it became illegal in Georgia to drive while holding...

Milledgeville Police issue ‘hands free law’ brochures instead of citations

With the hands free law in effect now, police in Milledgeville are among a few departments trying to give people time to change their habits.

427 citations mailed out to drivers who passed Bibb County school buses

Since the first day of school, 427 drivers have been issued a citation for illegally passing a Bibb County School Bus. The stop arm cameras started rolling August 1st and have caught drivers breaking the law.

Deputies hand out cash instead of tickets

Seventy people were pulled over in Monroe County this week. Luckily for drivers, deputies were taking orders from a secret Santa.

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