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Macon-Bibb Commissioners hope meeting with state legislators changes gun law

The Macon-Bibb Commissioners want lawmakers to change the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014.

Macon-Bibb commissioners approve $159 million budget

Macon-Bibb commissioners voted in favor of a $159 million budget Monday evening.

Crawford commissioners work to find funding for repairs for county health department building

Minor repairs are starting to pile up at the health department building in Roberta.

Macon-Bibb budget hearing focuses on Medical Center funding cuts

The Macon-Bibb commissioners hosted a public hearing to hear community input on the budget Tuesday night at the Macon-Bibb Government Center.

Macon-Bibb Commissioners hope to send letter concerning new Georgia gun law

Macon-Bibb Commissioners are not a fan of Georgia's new gun law.

Macon-Bibb Commissioners confirm remaining department heads

The Macon-Bibb Commissioners voted 7-1 in favor of Mayor Robert Reichert's recommendations for department heads Wednesday evening.

Macon-Bibb commissioners approve department heads, delay animal welfare director decision

Tuesday night's Macon-Bibb Commissioners meeting wasn't without some disagreement.

Macon-Bibb Commissioners consider solutions for vacant land

Macon-Bibb Commissioners met Tuesday afternoon to discuss the vacant lot on the corner of Riverside Drive and New Street in downtown Macon.

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