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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Tag: consumer news

Beware of buy and sell apps online

MACON, Georgia. (41NBC/WMGT) – Selling personal things on the Facebook Marketplace or other selling apps is becoming popular in Middle Georgia.

Angie’s List: Baby-proofing your home

Over 1 million babies and young children are injured at home each year. Accidents happen, but a lot of them can be prevented if proper childproofing measures are taken. Hiring a professional to baby-proof your home is well worth the investment.

Angie’s List: Custom arcades bring the fun home

cm = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1506740644706").setup({width: "100%", height: "100%", pl_length: 5, plid: 34407, vertical: "angies", tags: "angies", profile_id: "19d33170-4fff-0133-8f45-7a163e5e80da", vid: "7110033"}) MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Video games...

Angie’s List: Keeping your deck properly maintained

cm = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1500680475564").setup({width: "100%", height: "100%", pl_length: 5, vertical: "angies", tags: "angies", profile_id: "19d33170-4fff-0133-8f45-7a163e5e80da", vid: "7011608"}) MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - To make sure your...

Angie’s List: Great look for less with faux finishing

cm = new CMPlayer("cm_player_1492816215738").setup({width: "100%", height: "100%", pl_length: 5, vertical: "angies", tags: "angies", profile_id: "19d33170-4fff-0133-8f45-7a163e5e80da", vid: "6883395"}) MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Love the look of...

Angie’s List: The Disappearing Dining Room

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Whether you call it dinner or supper, only 23 percent of us are spending our evening meal gathered around a...

Angie’s List: Universal Design Custom Kitchen

In this Angie's List, Tracy Armbruster highlights a custom kitchen design that could work for anyone with the right contractor.

Angie’s List: Beat the Heat on a Budget

In this week's Angie's List, learn about managing your electric bills with best heating and cooling practices.

Melinda’s Garden Moments: Harvesting Tips for Greater Productivity

Melinda's back with tips on how to increase your harvesting productivity in this Garden Moment.

Angie’s List: Refrigerant Woes

In this week's Angie's List, Tracy Armbruster discusses freon shortages for air conditioning units.

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Medical Center, Navicent Health, ready to roll out COVID-19 vaccine

"What we are trying to do is, role out appointments as quickly as possible."

Daily Dealz opens in east Macon: ‘Everyday is Black Friday’

The store says they have deals you won't see anywhere else.

Dog rescued from deadly house fire gets second chance at life

"If she could talk, boy what she could tell."

NCHD: ‘COVID-19 vaccination appointments filled’

The Health District says you will not be able to schedule appointments until more vaccine shipped to them.