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Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Tag: Dog of the Week

Thunder makes his TV debut as your Dog of the Week

He's a big dog but only seven months old, and he's expected to get even bigger!

Your Dog of the Week is a gentle sweetheart

Frankie was camera-shy this morning.

Tucker is a sick dog who needs a foster parent

41NBC reported last week on a burglary suspect who hoarded 17 cats and a dog in a home. Tucker was that dog.

Zeppelin is a lap dog looking for a home

If you want a relaxed dog, look into Zeppelin.

Your Dog of the Week needs your help

Gurgle is a fun-loving dog, but he needs your help.

Meet The New-And-Improved Rocky

He was 45 pounds when Critical Care for Animal Angels got him, but as Rocky Balboa said, "it ain't over 'til it's over." Now he's 70 pounds

Meet the Graceful Grace!

When Critical Care found her, she was skin and bones. Now look at the difference.

Meet Sheldon, our Dog of the Week

Our Dog of the Week from Critical Care for Animal Angels is Sheldon.

Meet Murphy, The Five-Month-Old Yorkie Mix

Not even being paralyzed will stop this guy.

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UPDATE (Sunday, August 9 at 3 p.m.): Georgia COVID-19 tracker

Here are Georgia’s latest confirmed numbers from the Department of Public Health.

Perry Fairgrounds hosts consigment sale with pandemic safety measures in place

TTT Founder, Laura Johns, says her team takes several precautions to keep staff and shoppers safe from COVID-19.

Grand Opera House in Macon reopens

Opera House staff examined procedures to develop programming that is both safe and valuable for audiences.

Bright City illuminates alleyways in downtown Macon

Photos are displayed along the second street alleyway from Poplar to Mulberry Street.