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Putnam General Hospital partners with Macon health system

The Medical Center of Central Georgia and Central Georgia Health System is teaming up with the Putnam General Hospital to provide more resources to the lake country.

Annual WIC Farmer’s Market opens for summer

The North Central Health District will travel to several location offering free fruits and vegetables to members of the WIC program.

What “Post Antibiotic Era” Means For You

Germs that defy antibiotics are now a global health concern, according to a World Health Organization report.

Crawford commissioners work to find funding for repairs for county health department building

Minor repairs are starting to pile up at the health department building in Roberta.

New law requires middle school kids to get certain booster shots

Macon-Bibb County encourages parents to get their seventh graders two major vaccinations as requirement.

Central Georgia Health System prepares to end contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Central Georgia Health System and its affiliates, including the Medical Center of Central Georgia, are preparing to end their contracts with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia.

Community Health Works raises stroke awareness

May is stroke awareness month. Community Health Works shares some very helpful tips about knowing the signs of a stroke.

TRICARE walk-in service ends

Beginning Tuesday, the TRICARE Service Center here will close its doors.

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