63.5 F
Saturday, October 24, 2020
Tags Loaves & Fishes Ministry

Tag: Loaves & Fishes Ministry

Local agencies help keep homeless warm during cold weather

Loaves & Fishes Ministry and the Salvation Army are helping the homeless during this week's chilly weather.

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Storms likely Saturday in Middle Georgia

Most of us saw a beautiful if warm Friday in Middle Georgia. Highs warmed to the mid 80's in Macon (10 degrees above normal...

Carl Vinson Medical Center gets thermal cameras

The cameras will alert staff to anyone coming in the building with a temperature of above 100 degrees.

Bibb County School District honors late Macon principal, teacher

8th grade athlete, Nicholas Woodford, says he's excited to attend a new school.

Glow Balloon Tour visits Perry

The Georgia National Fairgrounds geared up for the South Georgia Balloon Festival this weekend.