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As Hurricane Michael approaches, EMA officials share what to expect

Minute by minute the updates are changing as a strengthening Michael continues to make its way. Here's what EMA officials say about the storm's status.

Macon-Bibb EMA urging people to prepare for severe storm weather

As of now, Hurricane Florence is a category two storm--down one category from Wednesday--but that doesn't mean it isn't still a very powerful one.
Macon-Bibb EMA Director Spencer Hawkins says the bunker is a huge resource to help keep everyone safe.

EMA Director prepares Macon-Bibb for storm threat

The Macon-Bibb EMA director has been preparing for the big storms all day. Spencer Hawkins says his biggest resource helps him keep everyone safe.

Hartley Elementary hosts ‘vocabulary parade’ in preparation for Georgia Milestone Test

Hartley Elementary School is getting its students ready for the Georgia Milestone Test.

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